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Lambic Technical & General Services Limited is the largest industrial car leasing company in Nigeria with a strong presence in the West African region! With over 25 years of car leasing experience, we have a perfect track record in vehicle leasing. Come to us and we will proffer the best possible solutions for your need. Whatever the make or model required, we can serve you virtually anywhere in West Africa.

Vehicles are essential to achieving your organizational and even personal goals. We help you achieve success by providing all your transport, hitch free. We offer cars, light trucks, buses, vans, patrol vehicles, etc. In addition, we provide comprehensive fleet management services which ensure you operate at peak efficiency. We provide enterprise fleets of all sizes and classes, including cars, off roads and trucks.

Our vehicle provisioning solutions reduce costs and increase productivity and our Strategic partnerships and diversified bases provide consolidated solutions and convenient contact. Over the years, we have gained an extensive and diverse industry customer base and through a policy of continual enhancements, we have steadily increased our efficiency both in our service delivery and vehicles. We are here to move you to success!

Our clients can benefit from Lambic Technical & General Services' amenability to flexible financing structures and streamlined solutions through all widely accepted financing standards. At L.T.G.S, we offer fleet solutions to help your organization be successful. Whether you want to be 100% hands-on or leave everything to us, we have the right package for you. We proffer quality vehicle rental support to businesses in a short, medium and long term basis. Come to Lambic and reduce the worries.

Lambic Technical & General Services Limited has a strong presence in Nigeria, with offices in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Aba and Warri. We also have offices in Ghana and can serve the entire West African region

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